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In 1970, Rival introduced the first Crock Pot which was initially called
the "Beanery". This was a simple bean cooker, but, through experimenting with
different foods, it became a versatile appliance. There's no better time than
now to discover the wide variety of meals you can prepare by slow cooking!

For people who love good food but don't have much time for cooking,
here's a book of streamlined recipes that require only about 10-20 minutes
of initial preparation and 6-10 hours of untended flavor-making cooking.
Come home to a house rich with the tantalizing aroma of hearty cassoulet,
spicy chili, savory turkey mole, or any of a number of satisfying main dishes.

This e-cookbook is a program created for the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Regardless of what kind of computer you have, you can browse through
the recipes, and print out any of your favorites. No more fumbling
through books in the kitchen, and you can always print another fresh
copy whenever you want! Also, no parts of your computer are affected.

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To download the file (459KB) usually takes less than a minute. Browse
through the recipes, and then slow cook some fabulous meals!

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